Patient’s Experience

“I came to an NA/AA program around 1996 and kept trudging on many times failing until a personal crisis brought me to Sobriety Foundation just a week after it was opened in 2018. At first, the confined environment and the hot and humid condition drove me nuts and I found it inhumane to be kept this way. But as time went by, it slowly and steadily got better. I quit smoking after being on forty cigarettes a day. I was able to sleep at night without any medication, After working night shifts for more than twelve years where I used to skip lunch now I’m back to eating lunch. Listening to inputs and sharing my mind stabilized me and I could see all my resentments and wrong thinking. Group meetings helped me to share my feelings and learn and identify from others sharing. Yoga helped me to get the stiffness out of my body and meditation opened my mind. I had to re-learn how to live “one day at a time” and today all I can say is ‘THANK YOU … SOBRIETY FOUNDATION!’“.